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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Yellow Your Pee...

A Regimen Of:


Is All You Need For Prevention.

If You Can Get Hydroxychloroquine Or Ivermectin Go For It.

Remember: I Am Not A Doctor, I'm Some Idiot On The Internet.

Zelenko Covid-19 Prophylaxis Protocol:


Doom said...

All but quercetin. I guess I thought that was prescription. A bit of checking, and it is on the way.

I have ivermectin, in case of a case of something. Plenty enough for me and probably a few other people, if they wanted a real chance. Still available but the price is going up, and finding it is becoming hinky. Thanks for the non-advise advise.

One of the Masses said...

You can find quercetin in raw honey. It is actually in the pollen and unfiltered, unadulterated honey will have it. Wouldn't it be a sweet start to your day to have a spoonful of honey? Go ahead, cheat Amazon out of another sale!

ocopek said...

I bought Quercetin at Walmart online. Best price I could find. It does NOT dissolve in water, only alcohol. I dissolve it in the elderberry syrup my wife makes which has some brandy in it.

MMinWA said...

I also take selenium for my immune system and a once/month dose of ivermectin. Very inexpensive.