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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Yellow Your Pee...

A Regimen Of:


Is All You Need For Prevention.

If You Can Get Hydroxychloroquine Or Ivermectin Go For It.

Remember: I Am Not A Doctor, I'm Some Idiot On The Internet.

Zelenko Covid-19 Prophylaxis Protocol:


  1. All but quercetin. I guess I thought that was prescription. A bit of checking, and it is on the way.

    I have ivermectin, in case of a case of something. Plenty enough for me and probably a few other people, if they wanted a real chance. Still available but the price is going up, and finding it is becoming hinky. Thanks for the non-advise advise.

    1. I bought Quercetin at Walmart online. Best price I could find. It does NOT dissolve in water, only alcohol. I dissolve it in the elderberry syrup my wife makes which has some brandy in it.

  2. You can find quercetin in raw honey. It is actually in the pollen and unfiltered, unadulterated honey will have it. Wouldn't it be a sweet start to your day to have a spoonful of honey? Go ahead, cheat Amazon out of another sale!

  3. I also take selenium for my immune system and a once/month dose of ivermectin. Very inexpensive.


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