90 Miles From Tyranny : A snake in President Trump's cabinet: Mark Esper tells all to 60 Minutes

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A snake in President Trump's cabinet: Mark Esper tells all to 60 Minutes

When you think of everything that's gone wrong with the U.S. military -- from its wokester agenda, to its failure to contain Russia, to its breakdown in discipline, to the presence of Gen. Mark Milley on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, pretty much all of it has the name of Mark Esper, President Trump's former defense secretary, all over it.

Rather than slink off into obscurity after such a performance, if not back to the big-bucks war-machine defense-contractor lobby whence he sprang, he's out shilling a tell-all book and promoting it on 60 Minutes in a bid to discredit the man he purportedly "served," President Trump.

According to 60 Minutes interviewer Norah O'Donnell, he now calls Trump "a threat to American democracy."

But his interview with 60 Minutes didn't come out the heroic way he probably thought it would.

Unbeknownst to him, he demonstrated what a coward's coward and slithering snake he was while in office. Everything he did involved some new means of undercutting President Trump, or, as O'Donnell summed up, "subverted many of the president's wishes."

The interview can also be viewed on CBS's site here.

There were multiple bad things he described doing in that interview, but the summary line that stands out comes near the end, when he tells O'Donnell why he stayed in office instead of resign on principle, which is what decent people do:
O'Donnell: "Critics will say, 'Why now in a book? Why didn't you speak out during the Trump administration?'"

Esper: "It's very simple. If I spoke out at the time, I would be fired, number one. And secondly, I had no confidence that anybody that came in behind me would not be a real Trump loyalist. And Lord knows what would have happened then."
Why shouldn't someone who's busy disagreeing with and working to undercut the president not get fired? Did he tolerate that kind of behavior when he was in the Army himself, or as a top lobbyist for Raytheon? What a hypocrite right there.

Worse still was his reason for not resigning after he decided he disagreed with President Trump on everything -- his fear that Trump might get someone loyal to his aims as his replacement, "a real Trump loyalist" as he put it. So the only reason he sat there warming his seat at the Pentagon was to prevent Trump from hiring someone else who was interested in advancing President Trump's policy aims. What a guy.

The arrogance of his logic comes in the part of his statement that came just before it in the video:

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  1. They're going to do everything they possibly can to make sure he can never run for president again. This is all part of the plan.

  2. I find many of the people in the Trump Admin were typical Deep State or RINO instead of working for America First and what was Trump's goals for the USA. Trump does not match the rotten stench in DC at Congress, the WH, or the Deep State and he is what we need before we collapse.

  3. I'm no Trump fan, but Esper is a self-serving POS that is also a traitor that was working to defeat the President's goals, just like his lover boy Milley.

  4. Esper was just one of countless swamp snakes who worked assiduously to prevent Trump from accomplishing anything that the entrenched criminals opposed. When you realize that not only was Trump opposed by the Demonrat communists and their media whores but at least 90% of the career bureaucrats in Mordor On The Potomac it's amazing he accomplished anything at all.

  5. I first met this POS when he was a fresh out of West Point 2LT in my Battalion at Ft. Campbell. He was a snotty, arrogant little prick the entire time he was there. He hasn't changed a lick in the past 34 years. Karma's gonna get that boy one day & I can't wait to see it happen.

  6. When Trump says something like “What if we bomb the drug cartels?” he’s NOT saying he wants to bomb the cartels. He’s brainstorming. He’s thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX - something bureaucrats like Esper cannot do. He’s throwing ideas out to his staff so they realize they can make suggestions too. Maybe the best solution to the problem is found, that way.

    1. The Cocaine Importing Agency AKA CIA would not like it if their drug dens were bombed.

  7. Trump should Hillary him and a bunch more...

  8. Maybe when Trump is reelected, this guy can be charged with sedition.

  9. The key thing to know is "WHO" recommended Esper to Trump, Go upstream of this and you will find McConnell's, and other rino's stench all over this.

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