90 Miles From Tyranny : ‘McCarthy Killed Red Wave By Defunding Conservatives,’ Bob Good Joins Speaker Fight

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

‘McCarthy Killed Red Wave By Defunding Conservatives,’ Bob Good Joins Speaker Fight

Good slammed McCarthy and the GOP for pulling funding from particular America First Republican candidates.

American voters were ready to give DC a Red Wave until the GOP leadership, like Kevin McCarthy, decided to spend donor money to stop it in the primaries- that is the narrative unfolding from angry Conservatives during this brutal fight over the Speaker of the House.

What Conservative US Rep Bob Good wants to know is why anybody would vote for someone to be a leader who betrayed the Republican party in terms of the way donor money was used in the primary races.

In fact, McCarthy’s primary spending habits were so controversial and viewed as so counter to what the American people and Republican voters want that National File reports McCarthy crushed the anticipated ‘Red Wave,’ and he further used scandalous cash from FTX to help keep Conservative-Populists off the ballot :

Good (R-VA), who just won his re-election, confirms that McCarthy played dirty in the primaries by offering a factual story that McCarthy was deciding which 2022 Republican mid-term campaigns to fund based upon candidates he felt would vote for him for Speaker of the House.

That is what Good said it came down to, and McCarthy tried to get rid of Good in the primary.

Good slammed McCarthy to the media numerous times, saying McCarthy was downright using donor money in primaries to fund his own chances for leadership. In fact, McCarthy financed Good’s own primary challenger and then gave Good the cold shoulder when he won the general and got to DC.

A recent Politico story hints at the friction between Good and McCarthy. Good talked to the media this week about his own side.

“I have never left a Republican meeting that was a private meeting and talked about what was said, but apparently, Kevin and his team leaked information in a way that’s trying to make it look favorable to him. So here is my side: It was in front of the conference, I went to the mic and I two questions of Kevin who was the only candidate at that moment. We put Biggs up the next day for the vote. I just asked if he would have done anything differently over these last two years, and then I asked about primaries. I asked why we spent millions of dollars in primaries to put our thumb on the scale of those elections. We used millions of dollars that could have been used in the general election to beat Democrats. Why would we do that?” Good said, reflecting on his actions that day at the meeting that annoyed McCarthy so much he would leak a bad story to...

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Mark Matis said...

Filthy Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill gonna suck Koch. Same now as it ever was. And do not expect anything worthwhile if McCarthy ends up as Speaker. Just another Lyin' Ryan or "Weepy!"

riverrider said...

and cocaine mitch did the same for the senate which now resides in dem hands. great job mitch, i hope you stroke out soon.

MMinWA said...

yeah they pulled some funding but if you believe that's the reason some one like Joe Kent lost in a long time Republican district, Kari lake is fighting for her political life or Lauren Boebert, in another R district, pilled it out by the skin of her teeth... you need to buy a fucking clue.