90 Miles From Tyranny : ‘Everyone Knew This Was F*cked:’ Elon Musk Releases Twitter’s Internal Convos on Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship

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Saturday, December 3, 2022

‘Everyone Knew This Was F*cked:’ Elon Musk Releases Twitter’s Internal Convos on Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship

Elon Musk’s Twitter released internal discussions about censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story Friday night via journalist Matt Taibbi.

The documents reveal widespread internal and external concern at the suppression of the story, a decision made without CEO Jack Dorsey’s knowledge and spearheaded by Vijaya Gadde, then the head of Trust & Safety — Twitter’s top censor. The thread is ongoing at the time of this writing and can be found here:

The documents, mostly internal communications from Twitter and emails with external parties, showed widespread unease with the decision and concerns about how it could be explained to lawmakers and the public.

Several key points from the thread so far:
  • The decision to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story was made without the knowledge of CEO Jack Dorsey
  • Trust & Safety chief Vijaya Gadde, long believed to be the driving force of censorship at the company, spearheaded the decision.
  • Numerous top Twitter employees, especially from the communications and policy teams — whose job is to maintain relations with lawmakers and the press — expressed concern at the decision.
  • Immediate warnings from Twitter’s Washington D.C. contacts followed, including an email from Democrat representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) who warned the decision had generated “huge backlash” on capitol hill, and expressed concerns about Twitter undermining the freedom to publish.
Aside from Rep. Khanna’s communications, which imagined a future in which newspapers would be unable to publish hacked evidence of war crimes, other Democrats reportedly complained that Twitter had not gone far enough in its censorship of the press.

“Khanna was the only Democratic official I could find in the files who expressed concern,” said Taibbi.SUBSCRIBE

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An email from Carl Szabo, one of the tech industry’s top lobbyists in D.C., told Twitter that Democrat lawmakers he spoke to in the aftermath of the decision all believed “social media needs to moderate more,” and complained that the Hunter Biden story had been allowed to travel as far as it did.

Szabo summarized the concerns of Democrats: “They let conservatives muddy the water and claim the Biden campaign look corrupt even though Biden is innocent.”

When pushed on how government might legally press social media companies to censor, Democrat lawmakers reportedly said “the First Amendment isn’t absolute.”

This lines up with what Democrats attempted to do after Biden took office: use the power of the federal government to force more censorship on social media, including the infamous “disinformation governance board” of DHS. The Biden administration is now facing lawsuits from Republican attorneys general arguing it used its power to undermine the...

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Anonymous said...

Finely, some one that takes charge of a company and straightens it out for the rest of the world to use correctly.
Good man so far.
Happy Christmass to all out there in the ether.

Dan Patterson said...

I'm waiting to see what will come of it, besides noise and pompousity.
I'm betting on nothing.

Unknown said...

Nothing will be done. None will be arrested, none will be fired and shunned. The hatred ginned up agin Trump is justification for anything.

Mind your own business said...

I've got news for you Democrats and RINO Republicans. The Bill of Rights IS absolute. It's the social contract that prevents you from being hunted down and slaughtered for all your treasonous embezzlements and self-dealing.