90 Miles From Tyranny : Morning Mistress

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Monday, January 23, 2023

Morning Mistress

Morning Mistress

More Artistic, Beautiful, 
Sexy And Alluring Ladies


Dan Patterson said...

The Morning Mistress is always appreciated.
Hot Pick is always appreciated.
Are you picking up a pattern?

Doom said...

It doesn't matter what is spent, it matters who is spending it. If the government spends money on research, because of the all the compliance laws, between equity, equality, and wanting a specific outcome, it fails, and taints all other studies around it. Defund the the department of Ed, and all research. China will find this out, as all of their research is corrupt on the low side, and the same as our federally funded research.

Leave research to those who can profit from it. They won't let teh stupid get in the way of legit findings, or study things which are of no commercial value. Of course, this will mean a lot fewer colleges and universities. And slimmed down, meaning diversity will not be affordable, among staff or student. Make academia great again.