90 Miles From Tyranny : Morning Mistress

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Morning Mistress

Morning Mistress

More Artistic, Beautiful, 
Sexy And Alluring Ladies


MMinWA said...

I'll bet her date card is full.

realwesterner said...

The flip side is if there is a business or owner in your community that supports leftists, leftism, communism, statism, big gov't, the globohomo agenda, environmentalism, EV's, grown men in drag using the ladies room, pro Notavaxx TM., CRT, "transgendering" anyone under 21 years of age, anti Christian, the MSM, wokeism, the woke agenda, woke corporations, woke sports leagues, men playing women's sports, blantifa, or any other anti human agenda then staunchly and rigorously boycott them and encourage your friends and associates to boycott them. We haven't shopped at the big red bullzeye store since they declared their stance on 2A-that was several years ago. When they declared men could terrorize little girls in the restrooms at their stores we took that as a statement that they didn't want us to ever waffle on the decision to not shop there. Nevertheless, if we drive by their parking lot when we are in town and the parking lot is full of cars, we know for certain that most of the folks shopping there that day are conservatives and many of them Christians and it is plain that most folks are oblivious and/or don't have the courage of their convictions. "If that town reject you, turn and shake the dust off your shoes. I tell you the truth, it will be worse for that town on the Day of Judgement than it was for Sodom and Gomorrah."

tsquared said...

My neighbor's daughter is in her league. She is 28 and hasn't had more than one date with a guy since she was in college. She does date fairly often but it is always a one-time deal. She is a successful account manager at Home Depot making good money. A couple of years ago she started contacting the guys that took her out to ask why they didn't call back. Almost all of them told her that she was way out of their league and they were intimidated by her.

Xzebek said...

I'll be happy to take her out! Haven't found a hot chick that intimidated me yet!