90 Miles From Tyranny : Guess how much prison time a German court gave nine migrant psychopaths for gang-raping a 15-year-old girl for two hours in a public park?

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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Guess how much prison time a German court gave nine migrant psychopaths for gang-raping a 15-year-old girl for two hours in a public park?

Here, apparently, is justice for you in the 21st century in one of the oldest countries in the world:

(In English, that reads, in part:)

Wait, do I understand that correctly? A 15-year-old goes to a party in the city park on a Saturday and is raped in four rounds in the bushes by nine men. While the nine perpetrators gangrape the girl for 2.5 hours [and] they film themselves. None of the perpetrators are expected to show any remorse during the 18-month trial. Then the verdict is announced - and of the nine rapists, only one has to go to prison (for 2 years and nine months), the eight others receive suspended or pre-parole sentences.

That's what happened, in a nutshell. The young girl was attending a party in Hamburg Park in September of 2020 when she was "dragged into the bushes" and savagely gang-raped by 11 men.

Nine men were found guilty of the brutal attack, but only one saw prison time, and even then he only got two years.

The other eight "all received youth sentences of one to two years, which were all suspended under Germany's preliminary probation law
Ah. Germany's "preliminary probation law."

I guess they needed one of those laws just in case, you know, a bunch of young guys decided to gang-rape a girl. It happens, the law needs to be prepared.

It may or may not surprise you, meanwhile, to learn that not all of these young degenerates were from Germany. Many of them "hailed from Kuwait, Poland, Egypt, Libya and Iran." That, too, seems to happen with rather increasing frequency. But it's worth noting here because the origin of the criminals was actually used in their defense:

A female psychiatrist testifying on behalf of the defendants argued that their alleged gang rape was a "means of releasing frustration and anger" stemming from their "migration experiences and socio-cultural homelessness," according to the Hamburger Morgenpost.

No words for that. Marxism is the worst.

The Wall Street Journal, meanwhile, reported earlier this year that Germany is "struggling to cope" with the ongoing refugee issue, and that the widespread refugee crisis that gripped Europe about a decade ago "never really ended in...

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Anonymous said...

The immigrants didn't come to the country to make their new country better. They just brought the third world hell hole into the first world society. Their god demands they do this to their enemies for pleasure.

SiGraybeard said...

I suppose that "female psychiatrist testifying on behalf of the defendants" must consider herself immune to having to worry about experiencing the same treatment herself. Maybe she considers herself too old and ugly.

I think Heinlein's quote about "the only universal crime is stupidity" applies here. The universe gets its sentencing at some point.

Anonymous said...

Execute them all, period. Then outlaw pisslam, which is a political force pretending to be a religion. And I bet the guy from Poland came through there from camel land.


Anonymous said...

The attackers, though evil, are much more mentally healthy than the community of victims that tolerates being prey.

Anonymous said...

If there were any "men" left in Germany those perps would start 'dis-appearing'.