90 Miles From Tyranny : It’s Time to Unite Behind Trump If We Want to Win in 2024

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Sunday, December 3, 2023

It’s Time to Unite Behind Trump If We Want to Win in 2024

The ice is melting beneath our feet and Trump is our life raft

The 2024 Presidential election is rapidly approaching. In many ways it can’t come soon enough. Americans have now spent nearly three painful years waking up every day astonished to learn that the Biden administration has outdone its previous act of insanity.

The shocking revelation, for example, that the Biden Administration is covertly flying illegals into the interior of the U.S. is quickly forgotten when new revelations emerge that the same Administration is sabotaging Texas’ efforts to secure the border—ordering federal agents to cut through the wire barriers erected by the state of Texas.

After botching the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan—which left 13 U.S. service members dead and both Americans and billions in American military equipment behind, while turning the country over to the Taliban—Biden invited Russia to invade Ukraine with his “minor incursion” remark. The Biden administration has since sent billions in U.S. military equipment and munitions to Ukraine, not to mention more than $100 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Fears of a Biden-caused nuclear World War in Eastern Europe have faded, only to be replaced with the even more realistic and frightful prospect of an imminent Third World War in the Middle East. Biden, like the Obama administration before, has inexplicably funded the hostile Iranian regime, which in turn funds the very terrorists that seek the annihilation of both Israel and the U.S.

The upshot of all this—three years of “governance” by either the most incompetent or otherwise malevolent administration in American history—is an American citizenry vacillating constantly between a state of angst and denial; as if we are all trapped on a frozen pond as the temperature continues to rise. For many this denial has become a coping mechanism to survive the day to day dread.

How many more days can we endure life under the Biden administration? Nearly ten million illegals have entered the country in less than four years. The border remains open and illegals continue to pour in even as the threat of a radical Islamic terrorist attack crescendos and a steady stream of Americans die from fentanyl made in Mexico with Chinese sourced chemicals.

Problems and crises are neither addressed nor resolved by the Biden administration; only ignored and forgotten by the introduction of new or greater crises of the administration’s own seemingly deliberate making.

Does anyone remember the mystery Chinese spy balloon? The four times deported illegal that murdered his five Texas neighbors in Cleveland, Texas? The cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline? How are the victims of the chemical spill and subsequent aerosolization of toxins from the still-unexplained “controlled burn” in East Palestine, Ohio faring? Has Biden made his promised visit yet?

The failures of the Biden administration are so frequent and numerous so as to almost have a beneficial effect for the pretend President. Americans suffer collective amnesia. Our memories can hardly retain—much less process—the catastrophes of today before our minds are bombarded with a whole set of new tragedies.

If Americans can’t remember the Biden Administration’s failures yesterday, can these same Americans honestly recall the Trump successes of yesteryear?

Even still, Americans seem to have at least a vague recollection that they were at least generally better off under the Trump administration than they are today under the Biden Administration.

Poll after poll now shows Trump narrowly leading Biden—and even others like Newsom—in hypothetical matchups for 2024. Polls themselves can certainly be inaccurate but so too can they accurately represent public sentiment. Why shouldn’t Trump be leading Biden given the historic failures of the Biden administration?

And yet while all historical indications point to what ought to be virtually a guaranteed Trump victory in 2024, many Republicans choose to remain dubious; not just dubious but actively engaged in sabotaging GOP chances, as if they themselves would rather will Trump’s defeat than...

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Mick said...

Unite before any contest? Behind the as-toxic-as-you-can-get Trump? Not smart, and more over it is insulting to suggest it.

Anonymous said...

WYSIWG. I have seen both and I'll gladly back Trump.

JG said...

Mick is wrong. I have always been a Trump fan. I have seen no other person back the American citizen and no other political person say something on the campaign trail and then do what he says in office. What made it hard for Trump was the whole of DC was against him and he still lead the country to the best economy and stopped getting our military killed.

Trump understands as a business man that for too long that the government has let business go global killing the American citizen and security. He also saw too many illegals were coming in and using our benefits so that is why he wants a Southern Border. If you see the Tucker interview with Marjorie Taylor Greene you will see what is wrong with Congress.

Anonymous said...

So all the vote-rigging, mail in ballot and other criminal, illegal, etc. stuff has been addressed and the person executed for treason?

Anonymous said...

Trump won 2020, but....
Nothing has changed, mail in ballots will exceed what the printer printed, but nobody will be allowed to question it.
You're not voting your way out of this....

Free Marketeer said...

They are making Trump into an idol and this writer is merely part of a cult. VERY dangerous, indeed. Big bravado on the outside, a pushover on the inside. This is why he talked a good game but could not deliver in his toughest hour - the scamdemic. And he continues to push that poisonous jab as a success. It was dangerous failure. He also singed the bill that funded and allowed mail in balloting which was his downfall. Since 2016, the Republican party has gotten beat in every election in most every state, except Florida and Iowa. Trump is toxic to the middle of the electorate, particularly white women. He cannot win the general.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic parisite

Anonymous said...

Go peddle yourself elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Nailed it.