90 Miles From Tyranny : WEF Insider: Imminent ‘False Flag’ Cyber Attack Will Disrupt 2024 Election

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Thursday, March 7, 2024

WEF Insider: Imminent ‘False Flag’ Cyber Attack Will Disrupt 2024 Election

The global elite’s Noah’s Ark moment is almost here, according to a WEF insider who warns final preparations are being put in place for a devastating cyber attack on the US power grid that will disconnect the public from the internet, wipe out savings, and plunge the nation into chaos for years, allowing the elite to roll out the next phase of their totalitarian master plan.

While the masses will be left to fend for themselves in a desperate fight for survival that most are supposed to lose, those who have been designated “upgraded humans” by the WEF will be saved by what Davos is calling their “Technological Noah’s Ark.

Preparations for the false flag event are underway and those who are paying attention are seeing evidence of the deception before our very eyes.

Late last week South Carolina primary voters were reportedly unable to vote due to ballot tabulators being unable to connect to the internet.

For years the mainstream media dismissed claims that vote counting machines were connected to the internet was a baseless conspiracy theory.

At this point it is worth asking, is there anything they aren’t lying to us about?

The global elite laid the groundwork for their great deception with the Covid pandemic, training the masses to respond to fear-based programming, and the cyber attack will be the final nail in the coffin.

First, let’s take a look at what Klaus Schwab has already said on the matter. And pay attention to his body language.

You don’t have to be a body language expert to notice Professor Schwab’s deranged excitement about the major cyber attack.

The WEF in conjunction with the United Nations simulated a cyber attack because they need a crisis to implement their new CBDC financial Ponzi scheme as they accuse “Russia” or “right-wing extremists” of collapsing the banks and plunging the world into chaos.

Be prepared. The same strategy of using fear as during Covid will be used again.

Digital ID and CBDC are incoming and both will be mandatory for people to interact in society.

The elite have already begun rolling out the first phase of the digital prison they plan to lock us in. 15 minute cities are appearing in the US and UK, and London shops are requiring customers to present a digital code simply to gain access and buy essentials.

Of course, the elite have a scapegoat lined up to take the fall after they pull off their false flag. No prizes for guessing hey are going to blame conservatives and so-called conspiracy theorists. Mainstream media has already begun the pre-programming. Watch:
It remains to be seen if the mainstream fall for the lies. Thanks to educated and informed people like yourself, more and more people are waking up to the truth about their agenda and relentless torrent of lies.

Klaus Schwab’s right-hand-man Yuval Noah Harari, known as the “Prophet” in Davos circles, has compared the vast cyber and power grid attack on the United States to the Bibical tale of...

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