Thursday, November 3, 2016

8 Instances of Voter Fraud in 2016, and It’s Not Even Election Day Yet

In just the last week, prosecutors pursued three voter fraud-related charges in three major battleground states—Florida, Iowa, and Virginia.

Numerous other election irregularities such as voting beyond the grave, voting more than once, voting without citizenship, and registrations by nonexistent people have occurred throughout 2016. While some cases have been prosecuted, others were discovered through various news reports.

Here’s a sampling of election irregularities that have already taken place well in advance of Nov. 8.

“Any such offense is extremely serious and can degrade the confidence we as citizens justly have in our system of elections,” @AlexandriaVAGov says.
1. ‘Fictitious’ Voter Registration
On Oct. 28, Vafalay Massaquoi, 30, of Alexandria, Virginia, was arraigned on two felony charges of voter registration fraud and two felony counts of forging a public record, according to the Alexandria Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.
Massaquoi worked for New Virginia Majority, a progressive community organizing group, earlier this year when he allegedly fabricated names on voter registration forms. The...

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