90 Miles From Tyranny : Top 7 Charges Hillary Clinton Could Face While President

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Top 7 Charges Hillary Clinton Could Face While President

What scandals might the American people find themselves dealing with in Hillary Clinton’s Administration if she slides into the presidential home plate, trailing a cloud of controversy?

Let us be honest about who suffers from presidential misbehavior—it’s the American people who pay the price, including the literal price of the expensive investigations. The odds of justice actually catching up with Hillary Clinton dwindle to almost zero if she gains the White House. She might have to sacrifice an aide here and there, but if the political system of 1998 couldn’t remove her husband from office for blatant perjury, it’s hard to imagine what could possibly bring The First Woman President down in the even more corrupt and confused political system of 2017.

That being said, here are a few lingering legal headaches Clinton could face:
1. Perjury: Why not start with a blast from the Clinton past? Hillary Clinton signed documents testifying that she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department, on orders from a federal judge, under penalty of perjury. We already have indisputable proof she violated this sworn statement… thousands of times.
The cloud of false statements under oath surrounding Hillary Clinton is thousands of times thicker than the one around Bill. Democrats seem to have found a hidden clause in the Constitution that says Clintons can never be prosecuted for perjury, but Madame Secretary is really stress-testing that particular privilege of Clintonhood. One would think the federal judiciary had some interest in establishing that sworn documents must be taken seriously.

2. Obstruction of Justice: Bill Clinton’s primary motive for committing perjury was to obstruct justice—it was the second count in...

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1 comment:

  1. The FBI can investigate and they can arrest but that is ALL THEY CAN DO. They cannot convene Grand Juries, indict, subpoena, charge or try ANYONE for ANYTHING. That is the job of the Just Us department
    Controlled by the Attorney General....who is appointed and serves at the will of the POTUS. As long as the commies posing as Dems control the White House they control the Just Us department and thus are beyond the rule of law. Unless a non density balls wins the White House and insists in bringing these criminals to justice they are above the law.

    Regardless of anything else Obama will be pardoning Clinton and probably numerous other Dems before stepping down. Once that happens the only way to bring justice to bear is to prove he was ineligible for the office and so EVERYTHING he signed would be null and void. The odds of that are not zero but damn near zero.

    Realistically the ONLY way the Clintons and their accomplices meet justice is if the current system is overthrown and we the people give them the Ceausescu treatment.


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