90 Miles From Tyranny : New Clinton Probe Proves Early Voting Is Bad For America

Monday, October 31, 2016

New Clinton Probe Proves Early Voting Is Bad For America

In today’s media age, three weeks is a lifetime. Can anybody truly claim that those who voted in early October possessed all the facts they needed to make a truly informed decision?

Eleven days before the presidential election, the FBI reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of confidential emails. New information has come to light through a probe into former congressman Anthony Weiner’s sexting relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

The case against Clinton, which the FBI had effectively closed months ago (much to the chagrin of conservative critics), is suddenly alive again. It is sure to sway votes in the upcoming election—except for those votes cast before this new revelation.

Luckily for Clinton, millions of Americans cast their ballots before the FBI decided that maybe it wasn’t case closed, after all. Those votes are already in the bank. This is not the first time a presidential election has been rocked by an October surprise, but it is the first time in the era of widespread and excessive early voting.

The supposed value of giving voters several weeks in which to cast their ballot is that otherwise they might not have the chance to vote. But in today’s...Read More HERE


  1. No. It doesn't matter. The people who voted three weeks ago already knew Clinton was corrupt, dishonest, self-serving and nasty. It is unlikely anything new would come out to make her seem "MORE Corrupt". Once you are that deep into a political choice, you can't back out. Especially since most Hillary supporters have no rational basis to support her. They are by definition irrational people.

  2. Several states that allow early voting also allow voters to change their votes.

    Guess what's trending on Google?


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