Friday, February 17, 2017

On a ‘day without immigrants,’ President Trump puts thousands of AMERICAN coal miners back to work

Talk about two Americas.

February 16 marked an interesting juxtaposition of two competing worldviews in the country these days. On the one hand, illegal immigrants and their supporters eschewed work to stage a “day without immigrants” in an effort to show how the country would apparently grind to a halt if they were deported. On the other, President Trump signed a key, much-needed piece of legislation designed to put thousands of coal miners back to work.

Shockingly enough, it seems like America would in fact survive without illegal immigrants. Even the New York Times admits that “cities did not grind to a halt, and for most people, the action registered as an inconvenience — a longer wait for lunch, a favorite restaurant closed, a bus driver who wasn’t there.”

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  1. I didn't notice......And I think they meant illegal aliens. Go home; your day of inaction showed how little difference it would make to the rest of us if you left, so why not leave?