Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Let all refugees into Oscars unvetted or you are all bigots! Actor challenges fellow celebs in open letter

Actor Robert Davi has a message for Hollywood hypocrites: Don’t just talk the talk. Walk the walk!

Davi slammed virtue-signaling celebrities like Meryl Streep, Chelsea Handler and Robert DeNiro for opposing President Trump‘s executive orders limiting illegal immigration and calling for extreme vetting of refugees from hotbeds of Islamic terrorism.

Hollywood elites have trashed Trump as a racist for prioritizing national security while remaining safely cloistered behind their lavish gated mansions.

In an open letter posted on Breitbart (see below), Davi challenged Hollywood liberals who oppose Trump’s policies to invite illegal aliens and unvetted refugees to the Academy Awards and Oscars after-parties without security detail. If they refuse to extend the invitation to these needy folks, then they’re racist!

Davi, the proud son of LEGAL immigrants, said Hollywood should lead by example and show the rest of the world that they do more than utter empty words. To prove ...Read More HERE

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