90 Miles From Tyranny : Trump supporters boycott Meetup after company creates #Resist groups, makes its (extremist) politics known

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump supporters boycott Meetup after company creates #Resist groups, makes its (extremist) politics known

Meetup, the site that helps people organize get-togethers like hiking trips and cooking classes, is taking a very solid political stance in the face of the new administration’s policies here in the U.S. – a move that has angered Trump supporters, who are deleting their accounts and calling for a boycott. While Meetup’s platform is open to anyone on both sides of the political spectrum, the previously apolitical company has taken upon itself to seed the site with 1,000 #Resist meetup groups, and has emailed its 30 million members to alert them of that fact.

In the email, the company says that the site will always welcome people with different beliefs, but after Trump’s executive order aimed at blocking people “on the basis of nationality and religion,(likelihood of breeding terrorists - Fixed that for you.) it reads, Meetup says it felt a duty to spark more civic participation.

The message states there are now 1,000 #Resist groups on the site, which are meant to serve as local hubs for those who want to take action on behalf of “democracy, equality, human rights, social justice, and sustainability.”

In addition, the email included a link users could click to find a #Resist meetup locally.

The company, like many others today, had been struggling as to how it wanted to approach the situation in the U.S. with regard to the Trump administration and its controversial (awesome) policies. Trump’s actions have led to protests and the organization of a “Resistance” movement (funded by George Soros) which is now more actively engaging in politics at federal, state and...

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  1. This one actually shocked me a tad. Well a larger tad, not that too much ever shocks me anymore ~ old age and a lifetime of being VERY awake can do that to one.

    I HAD a membership because I thought it a good way to meet people with similar interests ~ photography, walking, books, yada yada. That it has come out with this traitorous action is despicable because this way their poison enters the homes of many millions of folks.

    I do believe Trump is waiting for them to do something REALLY WRONG... in other words, he is giving them the rope to hang themselves, before the people of the US demand action be taken by these rioting snowflakes and Bolshevik babies. They will not stop until they are stopped, that is the Talmudic way of war.

  2. Our Meetup group got the #Resist notice and we decided that we were done with them. We closed our group down and closed the Meetup page. We will still continue our "club" for lack of a better word but we're connecting privately now.


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