Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lead Story: Top House Dems again show off their ‘fake news’-spotting skills

After the resignation of Michael Flynn as President Trump’s National Security Adviser, House Dems held a press conference that featured in part Elijah Cummings followed by Nancy Pelosi both citing a tweet from a fake Flynn Twitter account as proof the “scandal” runs deep. Here’s Pelosi dialing the “fake news” amp up to eleven:

Too bad she’s not as skeptical of...
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  1. Yes Libtard Pelosi, I do have a question for you?

    How is it possible that so much incredibly blatant ignorance wound up inside a single human being? I mean, clearly there is plenty on ignorance to go around. So can you possibly explain to everyone how it is that you personally somehow wound up with quite possibly the greatest portion of ignorance of any living creature?

    And better yet, how was it possible to get people of similar ignorance levels to continue to vote for you to serve as their government representative? It really does not seem remotely possible.