90 Miles From Tyranny : Florida about to register one million active conceal-carry permits

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Florida about to register one million active conceal-carry permits


At a news conference at the state Capitol Wednesday, Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam announced a fast approaching milestone. “Florida will have one million active conceal weapons licenses next week.”

Hitting the million permit mark will mean one out of every 19 people in the state will be armed. 219-thousand of them are seniors and 200-thousand are women, few commit crimes.

“Responsible use of these licenses is overwhelmingly the rule and with only .3 percent of licenses having been revoked for inappropriate use, I think the statistics support that,” Putnam said.

Florida is about to become the first state in history with one million active conceal-carry permit holders.

Read more: http://www.wptv.com/dpp/news/state/florida-concealed-weapons-state-about-to-register-one-million-active-conceal-carry-permits#ixzz2EtdDqLM


  1. OH NOEZ!!!


    And yet they have a lower murder rate than D.C., Chicago, and New York.

    So much for the "bloodbath in the streets" the libs predicted, eh?

    1. Many have their CCW from Florida, but live in diffident states. You can do it through the mail and if you have a DD214,you don't need to go to class. I got mine there in 2009 and it took over two months, as I remember.

      The state hit a snag in 2009 as permits flooded in, but now the office issuing the licenses has been beefed up and applicants are being processed in about a month.


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