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Monday, December 10, 2012

Your Vote Counted: A Damn Lie

I was walking past a polling place the other day and saw this lost and lonely sticker just lying there. I stopped, I looked down. A sense of irony came over me, the sticker said: "My Vote Counted". I don't believe it did. When more votes were cast then there are registered voters, my vote did not count. Some unknown organized force conspired to steal the election and I believe it was successful, the will of the people was thwarted. The sticker is an illusion, a false appeasement, an opiate that cures no pain or suffering administered by the same oppressors who are responsible for the pain and suffering in the first place.

In my youth I was idealistic, a bright eyed true believer in our democracy. I believed that most men were good men of high character. Honesty and truth meant something, the good were rewarded and recognized. I think this once was true. Is this some terrible bad dream? The imperfect but noble people that worked so hard to build this country, to create a perfect union, what would they think of us?

They would have it torn asunder and so would I.


  1. There have been multiple claims of machines turning Republican votes into democrat ones. The election was managed by a Spanish company as well. The Black Panthers and the Democrat's usual dead people vote just added to their silent coup.

    The Ballot Box was rigged by SCYTL
    The Soap Box was censored by HR2183
    The Jury Box was denied by NDAA 2012 and 2013
    There is just one box left and they progressives are trying to deny that by using the UN the treaty clause in the constitution.

    1. There is nothing in the constitution that elevates a treaty above it but it is a popular myth (thanks a lot Dick Morris) and the Supreme Court ruled that the constitution has supremacy over treaties (Reid versus Covert), but the progressives will play the myth and ignore the supreme court ruling.

    2. I don't believe there is any way to prevent a box of fake ballots to be included in the count. Create the fakes, deliver it to a polling place, it will get counted, there is no accounting of these, they are anonymous pieces of paper.

  2. " I believed that most men were good men of high character."

    They still are. Just not in politics.


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