90 Miles From Tyranny : I snapped this photo of a Tesla Model S

Monday, December 10, 2012

I snapped this photo of a Tesla Model S

I saw this Tesla Model S on the street yesterday, so I snapped this picture.  This is the first time  I have seen one.  The base model starts at $49,900.00, it goes 300 miles on one charge.  This is pretty much the state of the art of electric vehicles.  Tesla makes a beautiful car but it is expensive and impractical.  A rich man's toy.


drjim said...

Motor Trend just tested one.
They got about 250 miles on their test drive, and had to stop for a quick charge in order to get back to their office.

Mike Miles said...

With new batteries. We are clearly many years away from a practiful production vehicle. This requires research not more production. If Tesla can make it on their private dime, more power to them, but I believe I heard some time back that they received some public grants...

drjim said...

AND....the one the tested was Elon's personal car!

They also pulled some 'fast ones' on on the cities that were trying to get them to use some empty buildings for their factory.

Long Beach had some excellent buildings near the airport that had been used by Douglas/Boeing that were sitting empty, but Tesla played everybody against everybody, and got some expen$ive concessions from Fremont.