90 Miles From Tyranny : Lawrence O'Donell On MSNBC Calls Rand Paul, A "Ridiculous, Sick, Paranoid Messenger"

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lawrence O'Donell On MSNBC Calls Rand Paul, A "Ridiculous, Sick, Paranoid Messenger"

So I have been watching MSNBC all evening to get a feel of what the administration's message is and Rachel Maddow had a reasonable discussion about Rand Paul and civil liberties.

Lawrence O'Donnell follows Maddow and I may be the only person in the USA watching this odd toad-faced man whom I have seen before and every time it is a bit unsettling.  He has this kind of strident fervor of hatred for anything that is not obsequent to Obama.

O'Donnell is very upset with Rand Paul for defending civil liberties or perhaps more accurately making Obama and his corrupt administration look bad.  O'Donnell calls Rand Paul, A "Ridiculous, Sick, Paranoid Messenger" and then takes clips of sentences from Paul's thirteen hour dialogue in his filibuster to attempt to make him sound ridiculous, sick and paranoid in which O'Donnell fails miserably.

With O'Donnell, there is no such thing as reason or critical thinking, it is just attack stridently anything that challenges the agenda of the Obama administration.  He is simply, a useful idiot.


Anonymous said...

Mr . O'Donnell , Would that YOU would challenge ME to a bout of fisticuff `s , like you did Romney`s pantywaist son last fall.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for watching these shows and reporting what they are saying. I am a Viet Nam and Desert Storm veteran and I don't have the stomach to watch them. I am afraid that my head will explode!