90 Miles From Tyranny : I Have Finally Figured Out How To Ban Hammers Forever

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Friday, March 8, 2013

I Have Finally Figured Out How To Ban Hammers Forever

As we all know, hammers are the scourge of society.  Every time I see a hammer, I get sick to my stomach.  I do however believe that I have forged an idea on how to get rid of these evil objects forever:  We need to make hammer makers liable for every finger that gets pounded, any time a hammer accidentally does any damage to property or bodily harm and especially if a hammer is used to attack or murder someone, we should be able to sue the hammer manufacturers out of existence.  

We will make it so expensive to make hammers that their cost will be prohibitive to make, to purchase or to insure. Hundreds of people are killed every year with hammers, this would be worth hundreds of millions in lawsuits.

No one should have a right to own a hammer and now there is a way to finally rid society of these evil objects that has created so much death, destruction and sore thumbs.  We need to immediately have a national discussion about making hammer manufacturers liable for the damage that their products cause.

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