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Thursday, March 7, 2013

On Squishy Republicans

At 18 years old, I registered as a Republican and then promptly and proudly voted for Ronald Reagan.  I was not big into politics back then and certainly the only way to get news back then was through the media and mine was further filtered by The US Military, The Stars And Stripes was our main newspaper as I was an Army brat living in Germany and TV consisted of one channel of programming trying to satisfy children, adults and everything in between.  To my recollection, I only remember Republicans and Democrats and a few tiny left wing fringe groups, but I digress.

I no longer consider myself a republican but it is not really possible to think of myself without still thinking as a republican.  When democrats criticize republicans, it gets me angry, so there is still something in me that identifies as republican, and I certainly vote republican as there is no choice other than socialists on the ballot (typically referred to as democrats).

So I think of myself as a right wing libertarian and a tea partier but that is just the closest thing to what I am.  There is no party that truly stands for everything that I stand for.  The republicans like McCain and Boehner are so squishy, I dislike their ilk so much; they make me sick but the alternative is only socialists.  Then they criticize Rand Paul for his heroic filibustering?  See here more about Rand Paul's filibuster.

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Anonymous said...

This is YOUR forum feel free to delete this if you wish. I was raised in the small New England town of Lee Ma. On my first day of school Sept 1959 our teacher had all of us ,stand up , face the flag , place our right hand over our heart . Thereupon , the kindly white haired lady Miss Costello , proceeded to teach us " The Oath of the Right Wing Extremist " ........." I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America ..........." . That day these word`s were forever seared into my very soul . Nothing , no cult of personality , no media propaganda whore , will ever remove them. If , in the near future I am to be murdered by a corporate / fascist government gone insane , I will endeavor to utter them when the light`s go out .