90 Miles From Tyranny : Ben Shapiro at UCLA: “BDS is just another form of anti-Semitism”

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Ben Shapiro at UCLA: “BDS is just another form of anti-Semitism”

Every time I hear Ben Shapiro speak, he completely knocks it out of the park. He is an amazingly clear and piercing speaker, very impressive.

He gives it to the lefties and helps defeat the socialist anti-Semites.

h/t http://www.israelunseen.com/ben-shapiro-at-ucla-bds-is-just-another-form-of-anti-semitism/


Chris Mallory said...

"Anti-Semite" is just some winning an argument with an Israel Firster. It is a shame so many patriotic Americans put the interests of an alien culture on the the other side of the world before those of the US. Israel is not our friend. They are a parasite just as much as any ghetto welfare queen alive.

Mike Miles said...

I don't know who does that, but this has nothing to do with putting Israel before the US. As far as i am concerned, it is US uber alles. This has to do with sanctioning Israel for defending itself against barbarians who would destroy it.
Stoning women does not grab the ire of these lefties, but defending against aggression does. This is fighting against leftist hate as far as i am concerned.

Doom said...

Good call. One correction. When you write, "but defending against aggression does", you make a slight error. It is only certain people who aren't allowed to defend themselves. Others, in their minds, are not only allowed to defend, but attack without provocation. They aren't honest, not even in part, about what they want.

As to Israel being a ghetto queen? Not so much. They do get money, arms, or used to, and a few other things, but as shark bait in a region that hates their existence which takes some heat of us. If that ghetto queen, as you suggest, helped track and eliminate criminals, taking shots and making herself a bigger target from time to time, then you'd have it. If they aren't exactly pure allies, can anyone guess why? They aren't always a target by choice. We often feed the flames against them when it is... in our best interests. So... you sort of get what you pay for.