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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Midnight Movies: Is Our Universe A Computer Simulation?

If so, Socialism must be like a virus or something...

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Doom said...

When secular and scientific based, I considered such things. And they are still fun, really. Look, I was trying to explain infinity to people, with a rubber band, when I was five... so excuse me if I'm a little odd. Most people, by the way, have little interest in infinity, by the way. But I still like the pseudo analog of the rubber band.

Now, as a Christian? The truth, as I see it, is a little more complex. Reality, as we know it, of flesh, is and isn't a simulation. Imagine make a simulation that is self-sustaining. Yeah, there you go. Before it ever hits edges, it has expanded it's own capacity to carry on with the laws within which it was initially created.

Now, it's not a computer simulation, however. Flesh really is flesh. The stars actually do burn various sources using actual mechanical and chemical methods. And so on. It's quite real, but it was created, essentially from a thought. A very complex one, but... However, creation is not actually self-sustaining, or real of it's own accord. No more than our lives, or consciousness, are. Our souls are real, and probably the only, now that they were made, things that will exist regardless of time, space, or our bodies, being maintained. That is how Christ could walk on water, he simply understood the nature of this reality. In our perfected natures, we will do the same.

Oh, let them have their fun. They will increase the power of the machine, for good and ill, and be doing something they think is important. But really, they are just staying busy while they work out the kinks in the only thoughts that are truly important, who they, themselves, really are. What is right and wrong. And some other things. Sad if the greatest minds reduce themselves to logic tech designers though. Still, it is a choice.

I'm not sure if you have faith, or what form it takes, but... either way... there are some thoughts for you. A return on your investment and gifts. I hope.