90 Miles From Tyranny : Why Do Hysterical Warmists Ignore The Scientific Method?

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why Do Hysterical Warmists Ignore The Scientific Method?

When Global Warming Cultists say words like "settled science", what they are really saying is: to HELL with The Scientific Method. Why do warmists hate science so much?  The Greek root of skepticism is identified as "skepticos", which means "thoughtful, inquiring."

From an Article entitled: IN SUPPORT OF SKEPTICISM:

For centuries, science has been founded on well-established methods of scientific investigation, which include recognition that "A scientific theory must be tentative and always subject to revision or abandonment in light of facts that are inconsistent with, or falsify, the theory. A theory that is by its own terms dogmatic, absolutist and never subject to revision is not a scientific theory" (Judge William R. Overton, in Science, 1982). Thus, a basic tenet of science is for scientists to posit and test hypotheses and theories. Scientific progress is made by accepting or rejecting hypotheses at specified levels of confidence, thus embodying skepticism in the heart of scientific methodology.


Doom said...

Real science is at least two things they can't handle, too hard and too unsure. Propaganda pays a lot better. And, with a fawning press, makes these sad sacks feel like the heroes they aren't.

MMinWA said...

AGW, like the mask frenzy, have nothing to do with science. It's all about control.