90 Miles From Tyranny : Guns Reduce Rape And Protect Women Against Predators..

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Guns Reduce Rape And Protect Women Against Predators..

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Doom said...

Have I mentioned? Part of what I would give a prospective bride to be is a pistol she can handle, and a rifle, probably an ak-47 or ar-15, whichever she prefers. No diamond, but I might end up spending more on the guns and other gifts, easily. Just lightening a minor battle rifle to 'her specs' might cost a carat alone (well, I'm hoping not, but...). But it's value won't disappear upon purchase, as it is an item of function. Besides, nothing says love like an equalizer. Oh... it'll keep me in check too, sons. But, as a gun owner I understand something else. Owning a gun keeps the owner in check more than one would think. Greater care is given with stretching and curiosity. Giving the cage of freedom. Something only a reformed devil's advocate would consider, I suppose. *evil grin*

You betcha. Psyops, baby.