90 Miles From Tyranny : Original Intent: Full-Blown Military Arms..

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Original Intent: Full-Blown Military Arms..


Doom said...

If I had the political mojo? I would definitely make those available. The only thing I would have some restraint regarding would be high explosives, artillery, and such. But more to ensure any such was well guarded, in small quantities, and purchased for very specific things (stump removal, for example). Had I the means, buying the modern equivalent of a tommy gun would, as it was back then, a matter of a trip to the hardware store... if an expensive one. Though as many people as would buy them, if not for the artificial restrictions, I think the price would be no more for a full auto than it would be for a semi-auto no... maybe less.

I wouldn't buy some full autos, though. In the 7.62x51, for example, unless it is based on a machine gun platform, that is either crew operated or mountable, it's too much of a good thing. In smaller calibers? I'd love an mp 5 in .45, though I hear there are much better out there these days. Still... for familiarities sake, it would do. Yum! The thing is, feeding all that yum would keep me honest. Ugh.

Mike aka Proof said...

H&K makes some nice sub machine guns in a variety of calibers, including one sweet briefcase model.

Doom said...

I'm rather prejudiced, I should admit, regarding guns.

I love them all! :) Though, as with pigs and animals, some guns and calibers I find more equal... true. But only as to specific function, not general ideals. I'll have to see if I can find these "sweet briefcase models". I've not been paying attention in some areas since I feel asleep a couple of decades ago.