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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Resist The Tyranny...


  1. Another thought? Who is it that people in power disarm when they begin to gain power? It's always, first if not last, the people they are going after. I know that may seem to make sense, but not always. Or, people don't seem to understand that. In Germany it was the Jews, in Russia it was everyone. I just suspect Germany didn't last long enough to end up going after all firearms. Russia knew it was safe to do so, or at least bet on it and correctly, sadly.

    So, if your government is coming after your guns, then it is you they are targeting, at least for a review about which you should be rather wary. The implications of that review are terminal, or whether you have a firearm or not would not matter. Look around you, how many people would not fit the government's idea of a citizen, in a socialist state? Do they deserve the right to defend their lives, or make the loss of their life expensive in other lives and property damage, or not. This will tell you whether you are a socialist, full bore, a pansy socialist who isn't sure, or a free man and believer in freedom. It's the only question, at this point, that matters.


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