90 Miles From Tyranny : Just Say No To Communism..

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just Say No To Communism..

The scariest thing of all is that I actually felt like I needed to say this. But we live in a world where little girls cut themselves, little boys smash things into their nut sacks, and adults vote for Democrats. This is a crazy world where people intentionally hurt themselves and others.


  1. Everybody has been told about the Narzis and half the Jews in Europe (although they don't know about the other 8 million Slavs, Poles, Gypsies, etc.), but nobody's heard about the 52 million murdered by Stalin, the 6 million murdered in Indochina, or the 66 million murdured by Mao.

    Or, for that matter, the 30 million killed by the Nips in WWII.

    Adolf was a piker.


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