90 Miles From Tyranny : You Know That Smell, When it First Starts To Rain?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You Know That Smell, When it First Starts To Rain?

That Fragrance of Rain on Dry Earth...

It is like an ancient memory, a mitochondrial olfactory memory that we all share from our common histories, passed down from our ancestral gene pool... this fragrance that we all love but have no name for. But what is exactly the way we should acknowledge that smell? Is there a word in our vocabulary that defines that mesmerizing fragrance of Rain on Dry earth? There is a name, a series of sounds that we can utter to express a common experience. The smell of rain on dry earth is called petrichor.

Riders on the Storm: I love the sound of rain and thunder at the beginning and then throughout this song. If this song comes on the radio when I am driving and it is raining, it is a magical feeling..I ignore the sinister aspects of the song and the stories about it...

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  1. Cool! Thanks for that info. The other day we had a sun shower come through and "that smell" wafted through the shop doors.
    I thoroughly enjoyed passing to take in the aroma of the fresh rain :)

    Thanks again Mike!