90 Miles From Tyranny : Armed Citizens To The Rescue..

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Armed Citizens To The Rescue..

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Doom said...

Nah, mental health screenings are dubious at best. Why not stick with tea leaves. The one who reads those has dealt with enough people that she has some insight. Comparatively, she would be a finer test of fitness as such things go.

You can't test for extremes, and love, and the loss of it, is extreme. Besides, most fail actual psychological stress tests. It is only making it through enough of them before people become stable. If stable, itself, is not always on the right side of things. Still, if you want psychology to run people as an even more invasive government control, be my guest. If they do it as a fitness test for cops, they will begin using it as a fitness test for many other things. Actually, they are trying to use it as a test for gun ownership, started that with veterans at the V.A. Your choice.