90 Miles From Tyranny : Kerodin Gives Sage Advice On Combatives..

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kerodin Gives Sage Advice On Combatives..

I've spent considerable time over the last few days perusing the USMC and US Army Combatives courses, and how they may be adaptable by Militia or other Patriots.

I've come to the same conclusion I have held for years: The Corps' MCMAP program and the Army MACP programs are solid, stand-alone systems that will bring your team up and more capable on the force continuum if trained regularly and properly.  2 hours a week is not sufficient for ANY combatives program...

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Doom said...

I'm not so into the militia thing, but I am pleased, at least with what the corps has come up with for macp recently. Honestly, it used to be more talk and bluster. They have definitely improved since my time. If the Army has joined them in creating a function hand-to-hand fighting force, I am doubly pleased. They used to be much worse than leather-necks in this. I could worry about some things. This type of combat is more suited for urban warfare tactics. And, as the upper level command staff has been replaced by leftists, there is some concern. However, at this time, the lower echelon, and even more so enlisted grunt to gunny to master chief, won't abide such at all. So... all good.

The thing with training is, unless there is real risk there isn't operational learning happening. Train all you want, but, in the end, if you haven't faced off, without rules or regs, it won't do as much good. Better prepared, but green, will always have problems when facing experienced. Perhaps that has been calculated into the new training modes? Required, if I were to run such a training course. There would be... incidents. Attrition isn't nice, just necessary.