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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Know Thy Enemy...

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  1. Even if? Hahaha They are the absolute targets. If America specifically, and the West in general, is known as the great satan, hated and despised, it isn't because of the hard working, moral strong people. It is because of the very people who most vociferously and strongly support the people that want to kill them. Sure, they hate Christians, but they truly despise their lessors. Christians and Jews, in muslim countries that allow them, are simply taxed. Atheists, socialists, queers, and such, are slaughtered without question.

    Sure, one group of them is murdering Christians and has given Christians in the area one week to become muslim or die, but most of them are greedy and abide the koran more fully. They can always kill a Christian or Jew, if allowed, if they have a beautiful daughter, or become successful, thus rich, on a case by case basis... among the... moderate muslims.


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