90 Miles From Tyranny : You Might Be A Brainwashed Liberal If...

Friday, September 19, 2014

You Might Be A Brainwashed Liberal If...

When this happened, MSNBC went into war room mode and covered the traffic jam incident like it was a major political event and even tried to find someone who may have died during the traffic jam. They don't just ignore the Benghazi scandal, where four American were left to die,they actively suppress and deny it to this day.  

The entire news media is so corrupt, obtuse, twisted and diseased, it transmits a sickness that infects and infests the virtue of truth and truth telling, the foundation of reality, and the well being of the common man.

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  1. This humor/satire is simply 'preaching to the choir'. The un-informed voters and main stream news viewers do not know what it is talking about. How about changing it to 'Thanks to the New York Bridge and tunnel traffic jam investigation nobody is asking about my four Niggers killed in northern Africa'.


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