90 Miles From Tyranny : I, Pet Goat II

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

I, Pet Goat II

I watched this video not knowing what it was.
It is visually stunning, riveting, extremely intense and evoked odd emotional responses in me.
I could not stop watching it.
Despite the talent that went into making this video, it is interlaced with tired, overwrought, left wing ideas and stereotypes. It blames the west, capitalism and Christianity for all of today's problems, absolves Islam of all of its crimes and portrays communism as a victim, despite the tens of millions of human lives it has brutally murdered. It is the typical radical left wing viewpoint, portrayed in stunning format.


parascribe said...

Take a look at vigilantcitizen.com for an interesting critique of that video

tsquared said...

The title had me leery about it being a muslim themed movie. Your comments further confirmed it. I saw too many muslims taking turns screwing goats and each other with the night vision cameras when I was in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have no interest is seeing a cartoon of one their sex stars spewing whatever lies they are wanting to push out.

Anyone who is not a muslim is considered an infidel. Per their koran, infidels can be lied to, enslaved, or killed with the blessing of their god. It has never been a religion of peace, only death, enslavement, and destruction. Slavery is still very active in the world today - all of it is within muslim countries. I have nothing but contempt for their so-called religion and laws that revert civilizational back 1400 years.

Hacksaw said...

Read the comments first, and decided I don't need to watch some goat fuckin musloid fuckstain . Sorry about that. On to the next post.