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Friday, December 5, 2014

Five Million Hits And All Is Well...

Sometime today (Friday), I will pass 5 million page views.  I am feeling a little bit philosophical and I don't really know where I am going with this, so either skip this post or bear with me. Anyways, for starters I am thankful and  humbled by being able to have a blog that people actually want to visit from time to time. I am not really sure why some blogs take off and some don't but I do know that it is a very complicated mix of things. It's not just good content, its not just hard work, it is a myriad of many, many elements that all have to come together all at once. In my first month of blogging I achieved only 101 page views and the second month only 106 page views. I was starting to become discouraged...In my seventh week I only posted 1 blog post.. but look in the comment section of that blog post, that comment from the Feral Irishman was the very reason why things began to change for me. I learned about the importance of linkage, and a little about generosity to a new blogger and a blog that looked like it had little chance of ever going anywhere. If you blog, don't give up, find your voice and just be true to yourself.

Anyways, I am a blogger now, I enjoy blogging and I still get excited about blog posts and I wait in anticipation for a post to hit. I say blogger, but I am probably more of a curator than a blogger, I do create and I do write, but mostly I find things I agree with or think is interesting or funny and post it. Ultimately it is a labor of love, sometimes I am tired, have limited time or just don't feel motivated but I know that many people get enjoyment and validation of their own viewpoints from my blog and that motivates me to keep the posts coming.

There is one person in this world that I agree with 100 percent of the time and that is myself. So this blog is really about what I believe,  The media is not a reflection of reality, not even close. So this is my reality, a reality that I believe that most Americans share, this includes many Americans that do not even know they are not leftists as the left has monopolized news dissemination and brainwashed so many.

I guess the reason why I blog is that I feel we are locked in a battle for the future of America and the world. If the world lost America as a bastion of freedom, liberty and free market capitalism it and we would be lost. The forces of evil would send the world into a downward spiral that humanity may not be able to recover from. I do it for myself, my child, my family and future generations.

I guess the lesson learned here is I that I had a few too many sips of whiskey tonight..


Doom said...

A few too many sips? Dear me!

That aside, a couple of things. First and least, a minor congratulations. I do not agree, 100%, with myself. I am a disagreeable sort, however, that doesn't start at my front door, or end there. So, it's always pleasing, or at least interesting, to come into some sort of contact with someone who has that... talent. But, fie. I should quit teasing and get on to the real congratulations. Congratulations on the five million hits. Your timer indicates you are over that at this point. Enjoy a few extra sips tonight, as well.

hiswiserangel said...

Many, many congratulations to one of my favorite bloggers!
Mazel tov!

Glenn555 said...

Good on you, and what you do works for me every day. Look in often and seldom sorry. (sorry only when nothing new is up) congrats.

Mike Miles said...

Awww, coming from you that is truly a compliment. As you are also of one of my favorites, and a damn fine woman!
Mazel Tov, that's Texan for congratulations right? j/k

hiswiserangel said...

No, I think that would be "muzzle tug".

Differ said...

Sounds like the right kind of whiskey to me.

K said...

Congratulations, Mike. I come by your place at least twice a day. I come in the morning to see what I missed since yesterday, and I come through the day anytime I see an interesting description on my blogroll - which is often. You post excellent material. Some is a morale boost, some is motivational, some is informative from a perspective I have not considered - and some is just lain funny.

Good work.