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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Future Shock

© 2014, David Hunt, PE  In 1970 futurist Alvin Toffler published what many consider a seminal work, Future Shock, in which he hypothesized that the pace of technological advance would become so rapid that people would not be able to keep up, thus keeping them in a constant state of unease as they were shocked by new developments. From the Wikipedia entry about the book (emphasis added):
Toffler argued that society is undergoing an enormous structural change, a revolution from an industrial society to a “super-industrial society”. This change overwhelms people. He believed theaccelerated rate of technological and social change left people disconnected and suffering from “shattering stress and disorientation”—future shocked.

I think he was right, and an optimist to boot.

Welcome to The Matrix

Some time ago I was surfing the web and came across this video, Humans Need Not Apply, outlining how automation could transform some key activities..Read The Rest HERE

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