90 Miles From Tyranny : Senator Joni Ernst Reporting For Duty...

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Senator Joni Ernst Reporting For Duty...

More Joni:

Combating The Lies Of The Left...


  1. That's a picture of Joni on Kuwait. She's a LtCol. now. I love the way all of the liberals are trying to make her sound like the devil reincarnate. I guess they have never talked to her. She's smart and articulate, something the liberals hate.

  2. All that being said, we must admit that we dress women in soldier costume, and pretend they are soldiers. We sacrifice the lives of men for this conceit. We hold men's lives cheap, to pretend. Yay LTC Joni. Pretend to be a light colonel. Men will bleed and die to protect the fiction. It's OK. She's smart and articulate. Don't expect to rely on her in a firefight though. That's not her thing. She be Clinton military.

  3. BTW...soldiers in the shit, don't smile. Nothing to smile about. Affirmative action bureaucrats flash a toothy grin. Ain't no threat of their intestines spilling out on the ground.


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