90 Miles From Tyranny : SAVAGE: Is Burning Whites The NEW ‘Knock Out’ Game for Blacks?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

SAVAGE: Is Burning Whites The NEW ‘Knock Out’ Game for Blacks?

Is burning whites the new knock-out game? Scroll down to see the stories of 16 WHITE people that were burned by BLACKS in the last few years. With the endless media frenzy focused on Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, you will not hear about most of these from the mainstream media. Why? Because they are white.

With the recent gruesome murder of Jessica Chambers, there is widespread speculation and argument as to whether her killer was black or white. Jessica, a 19 year old from Mississippi, was found walking, engulfed in flames after her attackers put lighter fluid in her mouth and lit her on fire. The attack happened on December 6, in Mississippi. While we wait for the police to make an arrest, we want to introduce you to 16 people that the media virtually ignored. It seems the new knockout game is often lethal. Lock and load.

Here Are The 16 Victims Of Burning:
Jessica Chambers

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