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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Runaway Robot

This illustration reminded me of the first science fiction book I can remember reading as a boy. I loved this book, I'm pretty sure this book is what started me on my path to being a science fiction fan.

I'm believe I got this book from one of those Scholastic books orders that got passed to us in classroom. We did not have much money, but my mom would let me buy a few books anyways, and this is why whenever my daughter wants a book she can always get it, because I learned the importance of reading from my wonderful mother.

The Runaway Robot
by Lester del Rey
"We're returning to earth," Paul's father tells him. Paul is wildly excited, for all human beings on the planet Ganymede dream of going back to Earth some day. Then Paul finds out that he cannot take his robot Rex with him. Rex has been his constant companion for sixteen years. Leave him behind? Never!

So begins a series of breathtaking adventures in space as Paul and his

Paperback, 188 pages
Published July 28th 1985 by Scholastic (first published 1965)
original title
Runaway Robot
059002261X (ISBN13: 9780590022613)

It's for sale on Amazon:

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