90 Miles From Tyranny : [Watch] Man Quotes Quran In Streets Of Santa Monica. So Why Are These Muslims Outraged?

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Monday, December 15, 2014

[Watch] Man Quotes Quran In Streets Of Santa Monica. So Why Are These Muslims Outraged?

No matter how many times they’re told, Islamophiles refuse to acknowledge the violence and vulgarity contained in the scriptures of the Quran. They vaguely claim that the commands have been taken out of context for the convenience of those opposed to the radical teachings of Islam.
However, what happens when practicing Muslims are given the chance to defend the interpretation of those same scriptures they purport are twisted?

Jamie Glazov is just the man to expose their hypocrisy. History expert and editor of Frontpage Magazine, Glazov has dedicated his career to spreading the truth about Islam.

Taking to the streets of Santa Monica, Glazov and his gang confronted many willing Muslims on their sacred text, which commands Muslims to “smite the necks” of unbelievers in verses 47:4 and 8:12.

Although some claimed that the scripture is taken “out of context,” none could offer any other interpretation of the violent command than the literal meaning.

Another scripture that confused Muslim passersby was “seize them (unbelievers) and slay them wherever ye find them” from 2:191. As before, not one had any explanation except that he was misquoting from the peaceful Quran.

The experiment reveals that either Muslims are ignorant of their own commands, or that they are using taqiyya, an acceptable form of lying to further the spread of Islam. Either way, there are over 100 more verses in the...

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