Tuesday, May 10, 2016


#NeverTrump Infanticide
Let the braying begin: The Donald is now the Republican candidate for President. The bitterness among the #NeverTrump crowd following the suspensions of Sen. Ted Cruz’s and John Kasich’s presidential campaigns has hit epic levels. Some even call it #Trumpacolypse. While Trump has unabashedly defied every rule in the Little Black Book of Political Consultancy, his worst offense is that he won the nomination without the DC Consultancy class.

Many in the Consultancy Class are even threatening to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump.

I don’t get Republicans who persist in political fratricide, opting for eight years of Hillary’s nasty brand of Socialism, instead of the Republican who is not your choice.

It is time to get over your righteousness. The people have spoken and it’s about time you listen.

“When we nominated people over the past several election cycles, some of us had heartburn, but we stepped up and supported...

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  1. A lot of this is the reality Trump is Reagan II in a lot of ways. The landscape will change after the election.

    But, once the reality that Daddy Cruz' first choice for a running mate was Rubio sinks in, the hardcore Cruzzers will come to their senses.

    The rest have already realized the money people are now behind Trump (if only to keep control of Congress) and they will follow the money.


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