90 Miles From Tyranny : Children’s Author Forced To Redraw 1966 Cartoon That ‘Stereotypes’ An Arab Pirate

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Children’s Author Forced To Redraw 1966 Cartoon That ‘Stereotypes’ An Arab Pirate

Two books by one of Sweden’s most popular and decorated children’s authors may be withdrawn from circulation after an “investigation” revealed that they contained “stereotypical depictions of other cultures”. Jan Lööf was issued with an ultimatum: redraw the pictures, or have the books withdrawn.

The books in question are incredibly popular, and one – Catch Fabian – is sold out and will not be restocked, while publisher Bonnier Carlsen have withdrawn all 5,000 copies of the other – Grandpa is a Pirate – from sale. “They have given me an ultimatum. I either have to redraw the pictures or the books will not be published anymore,” the author told the newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Grandpa is a Pirate, first published in 1966, is considered an integral part of children’s literature in Sweden, has having been translated into several languages and have even been distributed at McDonalds.

On Bokus.com, which lists the most popular books for each age range, Grandpa is a Pirateis at number three – but unlike the other books listed on the website, “buy” is no longer ...
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  1. Yeah; everyone needs to be drawn "just like the rest of us" now. Trouble is; just what do "the rest of us" look like? God forbid that people who wear turbans be portrayed as <<>> people who wear turbans! As for the picture above; I think the guy got it right. After all; doesn't that crescent moon appear on that most iconic of structures; the outhouse?...

  2. Just like they went back in 2004 and revised weather data from the book about the cruise of the Kon Tiki. I read the book as a kid and remembered the part about how warm Greenland was. I checked up on it a few years ago and found out that a revised addition had been released with that data scrubbed from it. They will stop at nothing


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