90 Miles From Tyranny : The Conservative Lessons of ‘Captain America’

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Conservative Lessons of ‘Captain America’

Loki, Ultron, Red Skull, and Hydra—moviegoers might be familiar by now with the list of Marvel Comics’ villains. But in “Captain America: Civil War,” the latest film in the Avengers series, Marvel introduces perhaps the most dangerous of them all—the United Nations.

While the Avengers are well versed in handling enemies with powers like super strength, shape shifting, and power beams, the United Nations’ powers of regulation and sovereignty usurpation represents their toughest foe yet.

Here’s the gist of the movie—the free market does something well and the government comes in to “fix” it. And—shockingly—the government wrecks everything.

Despite the best attempts of villains in previous Avengers movies, the film begins with Earth in one piece. The world isn’t occupied by Loki or an alien army—thanks to the Avengers. (In a universe of super-powered baddies, that’s not a short order.)

Does this mean that the bad guys aren’t doing bad things? Certainly not, the Avengers have consistent hero housekeeping tasks to maintain the status quo, which sometimes proves messy.

But before you know it—the U.N. is knocking at the Avengers’ front door telling them that they aren’t doing a good enough job staving off world catastrophes like alien invasions and complete annihilation.

To force the Avengers to do their job better, the “Sokovia Accords” are signed by 117 countries to put the Avengers under U.N. jurisdiction. This is a great idea because...
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