90 Miles From Tyranny : The Clinton Foundation Was Designed For Two-Way Bribery

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Clinton Foundation Was Designed For Two-Way Bribery

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has begun to attack the Clinton Foundation, the global nonprofit corporation Bill and Hillary Clinton started after Bill left the White House in 2001. Trump characterized the foundation, to which he has donated, as a “business to profit from public office,” and called it a threat to American democracy. Trump and members of his campaign staff have called for the foundation to be shut down.

Trump’s comments strike at Hillary Clinton’s most obvious vulnerability. One of her deepest flaws as a candidate is that the voters do not trust her. The reason for that distrust, by and large, is her long record of lying in public. Most of those lies, since she and Bill left the White House, have been about the Clinton Foundation and how its activities and fundraising overlapped with her duties as secretary of State.

Even Clinton’s hometown scribes at The New York Times have been forced to admit that the foundation’s aggressive fundraising, especially among foreign leaders and governments, will necessarily lead to...Read More HERE

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