90 Miles From Tyranny : Trump's Galt-Right Movement

Friday, September 2, 2016

Trump's Galt-Right Movement

Ayn Rand’s classic novel, Atlas Shrugged, opens with the question “Who is John Galt?” It’s a question often repeated amid an ongoing quest to discover the answer.

John Galt is a man who opts out of a failed society, who rejects a nation near collapse, an eroding economy, escalating crime, and an authoritarian government for a better life. Galt then recruits society’s producers, smart, inventive people, the best of the best. They gather in a secret community, Galt’s Gulch, and set to work to rebuild what they’ve lost.

In Hillary Clinton’s “alt-right” speech, I see shades of Rand’s dystopian society, feelings over thoughts, words over action. Hillary went for the jugular of feelings with the most divisive, insulting, and damaging words in the Democrat lexicon. It’s frightening to realize her hate speech will reach a segment of voters because that’s not who Donald Trump is, not who his supporters are. We are not “alt-right”.

But then I was browsing Free Republic, an on-line conservative site, and saw this:

Donald Trump is the leader of the “Galt-Right”, a movement which rewards success, freedom and individuality.

Bingo! I’m with the Trump movement and believe me, this is who we are. Trump’s right when he says...Read More HERE


  1. No. I don't believe Trump is anything close to a Galt. I think this is many people pinning hope onto a very flawed leader. I'll vote Trump because the alternate is very bad. I would vote for JFK over Trump because I believe JFK is to the right oh Trump.
    Trump, hopefully, will accomplish some good things. The two I think are getting constitutional judge on the sumpreme court and the other is to start the direction to clean up this immigration mess.
    I don't believe he will reverse the course of Obamacare, nor change tax code, nor close down the EPA.
    Ted Cruz would have been a Galt right movement. Trump, at best, will slow down the destruction of Liberty. Trump is a Democrat, just not as left as most.

  2. As an added note,, what becomes of the Rublican party with this Democrat leader? He is OK with abortion and conflicts with many core tenants of the Rublican platform, I fear a Trump Presidency will do irreversible harm to the Rebpublican party and pivot the nation full tilt toward the left. But then again the Bush"s destroyed much of what Regan build, so the Republican Party may already be too damaged and it we just refused to acknowledge such.


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