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Monday, December 12, 2016

Fake News: CIA Says Russia Preferred Trump

The Washington Post has unflaggingly stirred up hysteria over so-called "fake news," so it's extra-ironic that the media giant is one of the country's foremost purveyors of the same. In the Post's world, a bunch of guys with Dorito-stained fingers who blog in their parents' basements have done everything from manipulating the election to provoking a nutcase into an attack on a D.C. pizzeria. Meanwhile, the Post's banner headline on Saturday was the innuendo-filled and poorly sourced announcement "CIA: Russia favored Trump," which sounds like fake news, too.

If it's true that the CIA concluded that Russia deliberately intervened in November's election to tilt it toward Donald Trump, that ought to worry Americans, but not because Trump is a Russian mole or Vladimir Putin's agents stuffed electronic ballot boxes. Rather, it is cause for concern that American intelligence analysts are either not very bright or politically corrupted enough to really believe such poppycock. Meanwhile, the Post and much of the mainstream media, in their mania to discredit Trump, will publish almost any sort of "news" nowadays, even if it's as fake as the nonsense that makes up much of the blogosphere.

The source of the Post's "scoop" is unnamed: "officials briefed on the matter." In the story, the damning evidence is vaguely traced back to a September briefing of congressional leaders by a trio of Obama appointees: FBI director James Comey, Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson, and counter-terrorism adviser Lisa Monaco. Alert readers will note that none are actual intelligence professionals, while all are practiced political hacks. Comey's pre-FBI experience was mostly as a government lawyer, and his corruption in favor of Obama during the Clinton email scandal is well known. Johnson, like Comey, is a lawyer, but with close ties to the Democratic Party, who did turns in the Clinton and Obama administrations. Monaco is yet another Democrat lawyer who...

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