90 Miles From Tyranny : IEEE-USA wants Trump to end H-1B lottery

Monday, December 12, 2016

IEEE-USA wants Trump to end H-1B lottery

The 200,000-member IEEE-USA, the U.S. arm of the world’s largest technology professional organization, intends to urge President-elect Donald Trump to quickly replace the random H-1B lottery with a system that gives priority to companies that pay the best wages.

This proposal would also move large H-1B users to the back of the visa distribution line. For this to happen, all it would take is an executive order by the president, the engineering group says.[ Find out how to get ahead with our career development guide for developers. | The art of programming is changing rapidly. We help you navigate what’s hot in programming and what’s going cold. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld’s App Dev Report newsletter. ]

Separately, the IEEE-USA also wants Trump to prod the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate what it claims is discrimination against U.S. workers by H-1B visa-using companies. This discrimination occurs when U.S. workers are replaced by visa-holding workers.

Trump has immediate “opportunities to start pushing back against outsourcing through the H-1B program,” said Russell Harrison, director of government relations, for the IEEE-USA.

The government labels companies that have 51 or more full-time workers, of whom 15 percent or more are H-1B workers, as...Read More HERE


  1. I really hate when the government interferes in the economy especially by picking winners and losers and this smells like it. It's called crony capitalism and I don't like leftist democrats doing it and I certainly don't like Republicans who should know better doing it.

  2. The H-1B program is all about crony capitalism. It should be cancelled. Good for America, Good for American workers, good for STEM education.


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