Friday, December 16, 2016

Muslim Teen Rapes And Then Tries To Murder Greek Girl, He Is Arrested And Released, Goes To Germany And He Rapes And Murders ANOTHER Woman There

In a horrible story coming out of Germany, a Muslim teen raped and murdered a German girl. If that was not bad enough, he had raped and attempted to murder a girl in Greece three years earlier. The Greek police not only knew about the entire story and the person who did it, but still allowed him to go to Germany in spite of his horrible crimes:

The suspect of Freiburg had already been sentenced to ten years of imprisonment and served jail time in Greece
But still, he was released as part of an amnesty, allegedly because of over crowded prisons.
An expert supposes that in fact it was about party-politics for the Syriza government.
Much has been said and written on the case of the alleged woman killer of Freiburg, an Afghan refugee who was already in prison for a similar crime in Greece. Ten years’ imprisonment was the verdict after he had thrown a young woman off a cliff.
However, after only one and a half years, he was released in October 2015 as part of an amnesty, with the requirement to...

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