Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hundreds Of Non-Citizens Registered to Vote In Ohio, Investigation Finds

Hundreds of non-citizens are registered to vote in Ohio and some have even cast ballots, a state investigation of its voter rolls reveals.

According to Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, his office has identified a total of 821 non-citizens registered to vote in the Buckeye State since 2011 — 126 of whom voted in at least one election.

“In light of the national discussion about illegal voting it is important to inform our discussions with facts,” Husted said in a statement. “The fact is voter fraud happens, it is rare and when it happens, we hold people accountable.”

Husted’s office has conducted reviews of Ohio’s Statewide Registered Voter Database (SWRVD) three times. The 821 non-citizens registered to vote and the...

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